When creating a menu in the Flipdish Portal, you can choose to create the menu based on an Excel file. This can be convenient if you use Excel, or Google Sheets, for documenting all of the items you'd like to include on your Flipdish menu.

File Structure

The Flipdish Portal requires that the file have a specific structure. You can see the structure in this file. Using an incorrect format may result in an error when uploading the file.

Every row in the file (except the heading row) represents a single element of your menu. It could be a menu section, a menu item, a menu option set, a menu option set item, or a menu zone.

If you accidentally try to define more than one element per row, you will see an error in the "error check" column. This means that you're accidentally trying to define more than one element in a single row.

Creating a menu using an Excel file

  1. Download the example file

  2. Update the file based on the menu you'd like to create

  3. In your Flipdish Portal, navigate the the menus page

  4. Click create a menu

  5. In the modal, select Upload Excel (xlsx)

  6. Select the file you created in step 2

  7. Click confirm

  8. View your newly imported menu in your menu list

Defining menu elements

Menu section

To define a menu section, give it a section name in the SectionName column, and a description in the SectionDescription column. Note that ItemName, ItemDescription, OptionSetName, and OptionName and Price columns should be left blank


To define an item, it needs to be in a section, defined in the SectionName column. Then, give it a name and description in ItemName and ItemDescription respectively. It should also have a price in the Price column. Please note that OptionSetName and OptionName should remain empty.

Option Set

To define an option set, use the OptionSetName column to give it a name. The OptionName column should remain empty. You can define the MinSelection and MaxSelection values too. The Price column should be empty.

Option Name

To define an option within an option set, simply give it a name in the OptionName column. You can also give it a price in the Price column.

File column headings explained


The name of a menu section. All items in a Flipdish menu are contained within a section.

Example: "Donuts"


The description of the menu section. This is an optional field.

Example: "Warm, fresh-baked donuts"


The name of the item.

Example: "Honey Glaze Donut"


The description of the item

Example: "Freshly baked this morning, our honey glazed donuts are one of our most popular items!"


To offer your customers options on an item, you'll need to define a set of options, which are contained within an "option set".

In this column, you define the name of your option set.

Example: "Toppings"


Within your option set, you can define one or more options.

Example: "Chocolate Sprinkles"


The price of your item.

Example: 3.00


If you'd like your item to have an image, provide it here. Please use the largest possible image, it will be scaled automatically for use across all devices.

Example: "https://donut.com.ua/components/com_jshopping/files/img_products/Raspberries_1.png"


Of your item contains alcohol, you can define that here. This will prompt the user to confirm that they are over the minimum legal age in the ordering process.

Example: "true" ("false" or blank are the only other options. Leaving this field blank is the same as "false")


If the row is an option set, you can define the minimum number of selections that your customer must select. For instance, for our donut example, if the customer must pick at least one topping, then we can enforce that by inputting "1".

Example: 1


If the row is an option set, you can also define the maximum number of selections that your customer can make. For instance, if your customer can select a maximum of 2 toppings for their donut, then we'll simply input "2".

Example: 2


Menu zones are a way to group menu sections together. They add an extra step in the process and are useful when you have either multiple brands in your menu, or multiple related sections that you'd like to group together. If you add a menu zone, your customers will need to select the menu zone they'd like to view before seeing that section of the menu.

In this field, you can give your menu zone a name

Example: "Ricky's Donuts"


Here you can define a description for your menu zone.

Example: "Freshly baked daily!"


In this field you can give your menu zone an image. Please upload the highest resolution image possible.

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