Flipdish to Deliverect integration is an excellent way to streamline your web, app and kiosk ordering to your existing POS system. It reduces errors in the ordering process and saves time as orders do not need to be manually added to the POS.

The customer journey remains the same. Customers will still receive their notifications from Flipdish via SMS.

What does it do?

  • Integration reduces touchpoints for orders that are received into the store.

  • Reduced time as no double entry required.

  • Frees up valuable counter space as your Flipdish terminal can be removed.

  • Easier staff training as the orders are inserted directly into your POS through Deliverect.

  • Combines your online sales with your in-store reporting.

  • Ingests all orders from your Flipdish apps, web, and kiosk ordering solutions.

What it doesn't do?

  • It does not take your on-site sales to your Flipdish portal.

  • Adds products from Flipdish into your Deliverect menu and POS system.

How does the order flow through the systems?

When a customer places an order the Flipdish system communicates with the Deliverect system and sends the order to Deliverect. Once received by Deliverect the order will be passed on to the POS system and/or your delivery company automatically.

All of this is happening within seconds and is fully automated. There is no need to keep an eye on the Flipdish portal for incoming orders or use the Flipdish terminal to view and accept orders. Please note that you will need a Deliverect account in order to receive orders into your POS through Deliverect. Contact your customer success manager or email our support team if you need more information.

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