‏‎To restore your terminal to factory settings, follow the below steps:

Before you start:

  • The device is on a full charge or connected to the charger.

  • Have your WIFI network name and password at hand.

*Some words might differ depending on the language you choose*

  • Hold the small power button on the left-hand side of the terminal for 2-3 seconds.

This will bring up a screen with the options of: 'Reboot', 'Power Off' and 'Exit Kiosk'.

  • Select "Exit Kiosk" on the top right.

    Exit Kiosk
  • Enter the PIN code "1234".

    This PIN code will bring you back to the home screen where the terminal will act very much like an Android device.

  • Select "Settings" (Swipe "left" or "right" if not found)

  • Scroll down to "Personal"

  • Select "Reset"

  • Select "Factory data reset"

  • Select "Reset phone"

  • Select "Erase everything"

    The device will restart (An orange flower will appear) and it takes a few minutes.

    A Hello Page will appear in different languages:

  • Click on the arrow " > " pointing "right"

  • Select the language of your choice

  • Click on "next" (bottom)

  • Select your "Time Zone"

  • Click on "next" (bottom)

  • Select your network type WIFI

  • Select your "Network name"

  • Type your password

    Best if they select the "eye" to see the password, in case there's a typo.

  • Select "Start Config" (bottom)

  • Select "Skip"

  • The bellow window will appear (Please wait until it loads)

  • A new window will appear (Please do not skip this step)

  • "Terminal by Flipdish app" should open.

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