Can my customers pay for their order with card and cash?

  • This is customisable but you can have both cash and card payment options should you wish.

Can my customers open a tab and pay at the end of their meal?

  • No, customers must pay in advance for their order unless they choose to pay cash and not card, in which case it would be your responsibility to collect the payment when you see fit.

Can we enforce card payment only?

  • Yes, through the Flipdish portal in order settings.

How many stickers will I receive?

  • 50 free stickers will be sent out to you. If you want more you can email [email protected]

Do you only have table QR Code Stickers?

  • We also have table tents, you can order them as well if you require them, these have different pricing than stickers. Just email us at [email protected]

Does my business need an android or iOS app for Table Ordering to work?

  • No, your customers can use the mobile version of your website.

Will I be paying the same amount of commission/fees on the table ordering?

  • This will be explained to you by our sales team on sign-up for Table Ordering.

Do I need a new machine to receive table orders?

  • No, the way you receive orders currently will work perfectly for Table Ordering.

I like the personal approach with my staff & customer, will this be affected?

  • You can still train your staff to deliver an excellent experience to your customers - they'll still be seating the customer and delivering their food.

  • We'd also recommend continuing to have staff visit tables regularly to prompt the customer to rescan the QR code to place additional drinks and dessert orders

Can I use it outside the restaurant, for park benches etc?

  • Yes, as long as the location is on or near the premises and has an assigned table number.

How can customers communicate with my staff if they have questions about food etc?

  • We still recommend having staff, who can answer these questions for your customers, available on the floor.

Can my customers enter letters for the table number?

  • No, at the moment only numbers can be entered by your customers in the table number field

How do my customers use a QR Code?

  • QR codes are very simple to use and work in the same way as barcodes on items at a supermarket. It is a machine-scannable image that can instantly be read using a smartphone camera. When your customer’s smartphone scans this code, it will provide the customer with an instant link to your online ordering menu.

Can I get the orders assigned to the tables I have set up on our POS?

  • Not at the moment, the table numbers are going to your POS as a note. They will be printed on your receipts and depending on your setup they can go to your Kitchen Screens as well.

How can I enable Table Ordering for my account?

If you are an existing Flipdish customer: Click here to complete a short webform!

  • Once the form is completed your Sales Manager will be in touch to assist you in setting up Table Ordering in your account.

  • We will send you 50 FREE Table Ordering stickers with your customised QR codes!

If you are not yet a Flipdish customer: Click here to talk to sales!

To learn more about Flipdish’s products or how to grow your online business enrol for FREE in the Flipdish Academy here:

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