When you need to prevent orders coming in for a given item, you can bulk hide all instances of that item as they appear in your menu.

How to bulk hide items from my menu

  1. In your Flipdish Portal, navigate to the menu from which you need to hide items.

  2. From the menu edit page, or the menu list page, navigate to "show/hide items"

  3. Search for the item you'd like to hide using the search input

  4. Click "Hide"

What to do when you get the "detailed report" error page when hiding an item

This can happen when you try to hide an item where one or more of the instances of that item appear in an option set, and removing the item would mean there are fewer options for your customers than the minimum required amount. When this happens, follow these instructions

  1. Click on the menu link presented on the page to get to the menu edit page for that menu

  2. Find the product in your menu where the instance appears in one or more of your option sets

  3. Click the "Options >" button to view the option sets

  4. When you find the option set that contains the item, you have two options

    1. Decrease the minimum "customers can select" value by at least 1

    2. Add a new option to the option set, so that your other option set item can be hidden or removed

  5. Hide or delete the item you'd like to remove from your menu, or navigate back to show/hide items page and try the hide functionality again.

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