What is a Marketplace Facilitator?

A marketplace that contracts with third-party sellers to promote the sales of their products and services.

What is a Marketplace Facilitator Law?

A state law (in the United States) that places the burden to calculate, collect and remit sales tax on the third-party marketplace and not the selling entity that is retailing their products and services on that marketplace.

Does Every US State have Marketplace Facilitator Laws?

No but most do. As of January 2020, over 40 states have enacted market facilitator legislation.

Are Food Marketplaces Covered by Marketplace Facilitator Laws?

Depending on the state, food delivery marketplaces qualify as marketplace facilitators.

Is Flipdish a Marketplace Facilitator

No. Flipdish provides white-label digital ordering services for restaurants to deal directly with end-users using their own brand.

For more information please contact your State Government Information Center.

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