Drive-Thru with Flipdish will allow you to set up an outdoor collection point or a collection window at your restaurant allowing your customers to collect their orders without leaving the comfort of their car.

Your restaurant does not need to have a traditional "drive-thru" window or setup to activate this option. We can create a customized list of locations to suit your store's set-up and location.


  • Zone A

  • Zone B


  • Car park spot A2837

  • Car park spot A2838

To learn more about our pre-defined selection lists for location service options, click here!

We also recommend that you activate Order Throttling to run alongside Drive-Thru to help with planning pickups and preventing backlogs of orders.

Click here to find out how to activate order throttling.

To set up Drive-Thru contact [email protected] and our team will be happy to assist.

Example of Drive-Thru on Web

Example of Drive-Thru on Mobile App

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