Flipdish supports the following "location services"

  • Villa delivery

  • House delivery

  • Room delivery

  • Area delivery

  • Table service

  • Parking bay delivery

  • Gate delivery (eg. Airport gate)

  • Drive Through

When any of the "location services" are enabled for a store, our system prompts the user to type in a number on checkout (eg: table number, room number etc).

In case of the store wants to pre-define table numbers, gate numbers etc, the system can be configured to display a pre-populated list of option to the end-user for selection.

The user flow remains the same on the checkout page until the user clicks on the "Select table number" button at the checkout screen.

Pre-defined selection options are presented to the user for selection in a popup window.

The system is able to group selection options the following way if needed

Selected option will be displayed on our portal and printed on printouts.

Please contact us at [email protected] with the list of selection options.

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