Glovo Business is a last-mile delivery service offered by the food marketplace company Glovo. They have an extensive network of drivers that are available for integrations like the one we have built with Flipdish. Clients who activate this integration, can automatically send their Flipdish delivery orders to Glovo Business to be assigned to a driver. Once the driver is assigned they will come to the clients store at a pre-defined time to collect the package and deliver it to the customers specified address.

Countries where Glovo Business is currently active

How does the integration work?

Once a delivery order has been placed through your website/app and you have accepted it in you Flipdish Terminal/POS system, the integration will automatically send a notification to the Glovo Business account attached for a driver to be assigned. Once a driver is assigned, they will pick-up the order ahead of the scheduled delivery time from your store location and proceed to complete the delivery.

If the driver has any problems finding the pick-up or delivery location they will call either the store phone number of the customers' phone number to clarify the location details.

If for any reason, Glovo cannot assign a driver or the driver is unable to complete the delivery you will be emailed automatically or contacted by a member of our support team to discuss next steps.

Steps to set up the Glovo Business integration:

1. If you do not already have a Glovo account created and you want to avail of the Flipdish Delivery as a Service - Then you need to contact your Flipdish representative and let them know that you would like to integrate with Glovo Business. They will collect the relevant information required from you and talk you through the next steps. There is an additional charge to avail of the Flipdish managed service but we provide full integration setup and support so that you have no issues with your delivery orders.

2. Once the above steps have been completed your Flipdish Rep will get in contact with you to inform you the integration is complete and you will now be live with your Glovo integration. It's that simple!

Please note the time to complete the integration setup is approximately 3-5 days.

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