Quickly and efficiently managing your menu is extremely important, even more so if your business regularly runs out of stock of items. You need to prevent those out of stock items from being ordered to avoid unhappy customers and phone calls to organise alternatives. If you use the Flipdish Terminal to manage your orders, you have quick and easy access to your menu(s) where you can quickly and easily show or hide items from multiple places on your menu, in seconds.

How to hide menu items via the Flipdish Terminal

  1. In the Terminal, open the side menu. Select "hide/unhide items".

  2. If the Terminal is associated with more than one store that use more than one menu, the list of menus will be shown. Select the menu you'd like to hide items for

  3. Scroll to find the item you'd like to hide, or alternatively use the search input to find the item

  4. Select "hide"

  5. In the modal, you'll see how many instances you have of this item in your menu. Select "hide item" to hide, or "cancel" to cancel

Congratulations, you've hidden all instances of that item from your menu.

How to show menu items via the Flipdish Terminal

For showing items, the process is almost exactly the same as hiding. The only difference is that you need to select the "unhide items" tab.

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