This article is for information on our legacy printers that contain physical buttons. Click here to see how to do this on our touchscreen Terminals

** Please have your wifi password to hand as you'll need to enter this**

Please note that it is not necessary to connect SIM printers to WiFi. SIM printers have a SIM card in them and use the cellular network instead of WiFi.

Press Menu

Press down arrow and select Wireless WLAN. Press OK.

Scroll down to Scan Networks and press OK

Select your WiFi network and press OK

Input your password.

Press F1 to allow entry of lowercase characters, uppercase characters, numbers.

To enter special characters, select character input (as opposed to number input) and press 1.

You can scroll up and down and then press the number corresponding to the character to select it.

Once the password is entered correctly, press OK.

If the password is accepted, you will see a message "Connection is Successful"

Press the EXIT button to return to the homescreen.

You’re done!

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