Have you set up a voucher code for your restaurant or store?  Follow the steps below to see how successful it was and get tips on what you could do in future.

  1. Log in to your Flipdish portal and click on the vouchers link.

  2. You can choose to display only vouchers you have create manually or all vouchers, including vouchers generated as part of loyalty and retention campaigns.

More Detailed Analysis

Viewing voucher stats in a sales report will also help you to recognise trends. 

When you have your sales report in excel format you can use the 'filter' option on excel to single out key areas of interest e.g.  delivery/collection, voucher type and store location.

You can see the amount of orders from voucher codes using web vs app for example.

You can use the same report to look at statistics for your loyalty and retention voucher codes and compare their up take.

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