IMPORTANT: Your customer's full phone number is available at any time through your Flipdish Portal

Why did we introduce this feature?
GDPR legislation demands your store to protect your customers personally identifiable information (PII), or face fines of up to €20 million.

Having the customer phone number printed out on the receipt increases the risk of you being in breach of GDPR. For example, what if the wrong receipt was handed out with an order?  

Here is a sample of the new printout:

The number and code will be valid for 3 days from date of order. For older orders, full order information is available as usual through your Flipdish portal, and you can learn how to view order information here

Since GDPR was made law in May 2018, this feature is enabled as standard to help Flipdish customers be GDPR compliant. 

Normal phone charges apply for all calls made to the connecting number.

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