Stuart is a "last mile" delivery company operating in Spain, UK, France, and Belgium.
Flipdish can be configured to automatically notify Stuart when new delivery orders are placed with your store, allowing them to dispatch a driver/rider to you.

Requirements before setup:

  • An account already created with Stuart.
  • Card details added to your Stuart account.

Option 1

Email your Stuart login information (email and password) to [email protected]. We'll take care of the rest 💪.

Option 2

Please visit and email your API Client ID and API Secret to [email protected]

We will send you a URL which you should enter into the Webhook V2 URL field. 

Well done. Stuart will now be notified of delivery orders. 🎉

Stuart will be asked to collect the order 15 minutes before the requested delivery time. If you wish to decrease or increase this time please let us know.

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