A Google G-Suite account will create an email with your domain name and enable you to access your email from every device. It also offers cloud storage to keep all of your files, 24/7 support with Google and you can manage every device accessing your account to keep it secure. This is all offered for a low monthly price of €5.20.

If you would like to set up a G-Suite account please follow the steps below:

Go to https://gsuite.google.com/ and click 'Get Started'.

Enter your business name and select the number of employees you need a G-Suite for. You will always be able to add more later.

Enter your name and enter an email account. This should be an existing email account that you have access to.

Google will ask if you currently have a domain that you can use. Select 'Yes, I have one that I can use'

Enter your domain name that you wish to have the email address for. This is generally the address of your restaurant, for example: www.myrestaurant.com.

It will ask you to confirm the domain you wish to use. Double check that it is correct and click 'Next'. Note, it will not show the www. This is correct.

It will then ask whether you wish to receive advertisements from Google. You can click 'No, Thanks'.

Choose the email address you wish to use. For example you could choose [email protected] Then you will need to set a password for the G-Suite account. Be sure to choose a strong password that you can easily remember.

At this point you can set up additional email accounts if you have chosen more than one user at the start. If this step is not appearing for you but you would like to add more users do not worry, you will be able to do so at a later stage.

It will then ask what currency you wish to pay with and will default to the Flexible Plan. In most cases the Basic package is enough which costs €5.20 a month. You will be able to switch to this plan later.

At this point Google will ask for your payment details. Enter all the details and click 'Next'.

You will then have to verify your domain. It will give you several options to do so. You can opt to add a code called a Meta Tag to the Head HTML section, or you can choose to add a txt file to the DNS. Either option will work fine. Just copy the code and send it to your Flipdish contact and we will do the rest.

The next section will ask you to add the MX records to your DNS. Flipdish will already be adding this information for you. However, please be patient as the DNS might take up to 24 hours to update. Once the DNS settings have updated you will be able to log in to your G-Suite account and send and receive emails with your new address.

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