Flipdish payments are processed and stored securely by our payment provider.

When a customer clicks on "Submit Order", the amount payable is instantly authorized by our payment provider. When a payment is authorized, the funds are guaranteed by the card issuer and the amount is held on the customer’s card for up to seven days. If the payment is not captured within this time, the authorization is canceled and funds are released.

If a customer cancels their order within the 15 seconds provided, the payment is still authorized through our payment provider. However as the order has been cancelled our system informs our payment provider of this and the payment is reversed. These funds can usually be seen back in your customer's account within 3 working days from point of cancellation.

Card statements from some issuers do not distinguish between authorizations and captured (settled) payments, which can sometimes lead to confusion, however once an order has been cancelled, the customer is guaranteed to receive their money back.

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