New Terminals are charged at the following rates:

WiFi only Terminal:

  • Ireland & Europe: €299
  • UK: £249 
  • USA: $299
  • Canada: $299

Flipdish Terminals can be purchased by contacting us or at our online store.

A discount on this purchase can be earned if a working old Flipdish printer with our SIM is returned to us. 

All prices above are subject to added VAT.

The benefits of a new Terminal

We currently have these features available on the Terminal:

  • Easily accept & reject orders
  • Easily view order history
  • One click view of previous orders
  • Printable end of day Reports
  • Close / open the store early directly from the Terminal

The Terminal is also being constantly developed for the ease and convenience of customers. While the features above are already active, there are more in development so the Terminal will only get more and more beneficial over time.

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