There are multiple ways to receive orders in-store.

  • Flipdish Terminal (recommended) 

  • Terminal App

  • Windows App 

  • Email

  • Portal

  • Integration

Flipdish Terminal

This is the recommended way of receiving orders.
They can work off WiFi, wired Ethernet or using a cellular network SIM.

Learn more about Flipdish Terminals here.

Terminal App

This is an Andriod app which you can use on any compatible Android phone or tablet. It does not currently support printing of orders.

Learn more about the Flipdish Terminal App here.

Windows App

This is a Windows application that can recive orders and print them directly to a connected printer. Usually this runs on an existing Windows based POS and prints to an existing thermal printer.

Learn more about the Flipdish Windows App here.


You can receive an email for each order placed. Please contact [email protected] if you would like this configured.


You can use our web-based portal with any browser to receive orders.
Learn more about receiving orders via the Flipdish portal here.


Flipdish support integrations with many 3rd party POS systems. Our open API allows any 3rd party to integrate with our platform. A list of supported integrations can be found here.

To learn more about Flipdish’s products or how to grow your online business enrol for FREE in the Flipdish Academy here:

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