DoorDash Drive is a last-mile fulfilment service that enables restaurants to use DoorDash to request a driver to deliver orders to their customers. Flipdish can be configured to automatically notify DoorDash when new delivery orders are placed with a given store. DoorDash Drivers in the area will be notified of the collection request. When a driver has accepted the order, they will collect the order from the store, and deliver it to your customer.

Please note: You must already have an account with DoorDash in order to enable this integration.

Prerequisites required for this integration to be successfully enabled:

  1. "Require customer name for delivery orders" must be Enabled under Stores > [Selected Store] > Order Settings

  2. Cash as a payment option for deliveries should be Disabled under Stores > [Selected Store] > Customer Payment

  3. Your chosen store should have at least 1 delivery zone enabled under Stores > [Selected Store] > Delivery Settings

  4. Please ensure that the Stores' address is correctly filled out under Stores > [Selected Store] > General Settings, taking care to add a City and ZIP Code as required

 How to Enable the Integration:

  1. Navigate to using any web browser and sign in using your Flipdish account email and password

  2. Select the restaurant you wish to enable the integration for on the left hand menu, and click "Manage"

3. Scroll down to the "Integrations" Panel on the Manage Restaurant page and click "DoorDash"

4. Fill in the required fields as detailed below.

Required Fields

- External Business Name - This is a required field if you are not using your own DoorDash API key. This field represents the name of your business to the outside world. If your business is part of a franchise, enter the franchise name here as directed by DoorDash support

- Pickup Business Name - This is a required field if you have more than one store under your DoorDash account. It is a means of distinguishing between different branches of an operation. This name will be displayed to customers and dashers.

 - Minimum Food Prep Time: This is the amount of time (in Minutes) after receiving or accepting an order that it should be considered ready to collect.

 - Number of minutes before delivery ETA that a Dasher should pick up the order: This is for pre-order purposes. It represents the number of minutes before the customers requested delivery time that the dasher should arrive to pick up the order.

 - Dispatch when order is Placed/Accepted: DoorDash can be configured to create a delivery dispatch notification on the DoorDash platform either as soon as the order is created, or once the order has been accepted by the store. We recommend setting this to Dispatch when the order is Accepted in order to avoid drivers arriving for orders that have not been accepted by the store.

 - Delivery Zones - A store may have multiple delivery zones but only need DoorDash  to service a subset of these zones. Select the delivery zones for which you want DoorDash to handle delivery.

Optional field

DoorDash API Key: This may have been provided to you by DoorDash. Please only use this if instructed to do so by DoorDash or Flipdish.

How Pickup time is calculated

When the order is placed/accepted (depending on the configuration above), a delivery is created with DoorDash.
If this order is rejected by DoorDash, you will receive an automated email from Flipdish informing you that the order was rejected by DoorDash. We won't cancel the order on the Flipdish platform, but you will need to follow up with DoorDash in order to query the cancellation, or make alternative arrangements for delivery.

If the Order is requested for ASAP delivery:
Dasher Pickup Time = Placed/Accepted Time + Minimum Prep Time

If the Order is a Pre-Order:
Dasher Pickup Time = RequestedFor Time - Number of Minutes before Delivery ETA

If the Order is a Pre-Order, and the customer has selected a time that falls before the minimum prep time for an order:
Dasher Pickup Time = Placed/Accepted Time + Minimum Prep Time

Cancelling a DoorDash Delivery

If we receive a cancellation status from DoorDash for any reason, an email will be sent to the store from Flipdish informing them of the cancellation. If you would also like the underlying Flipdish order to be cancelled automatically, enable the "Cancel Flipdish order if DoorDash cancel delivery" checkbox. You will receive an email informing you of the order cancellation in either case.

Cash Orders

If you want to allow DoorDash to handle cash orders then you must configure you DoorDash account to allow this behaviour. If this has not been configured and you allow cash orders on the Flipdish Platform, the order will automatically be rejected by DoorDash.

How to track a DoorDash Delivery

Once a delivery order has been placed and a DoorDash Driver has been requested, you can track the status of this order from your DoorDash portal and also from the Flipdish portal in the orders page. Simply select the order that you know the latest delivery status of and on the right hand side you will be able to see the latest delivery status, the DoorDash reference number and also access a DoorDash tracking link to get live updates. The DoorDash tracking map can also be access if you scroll down to the bottom of the page.

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