Installing the Flipdish plugin

  1. Log into the WordPress dashboard

  2. Select Plugins on the left

  3. Select Add New

  4. Enter Flipdish in the search bar

  5. Select Install

  6. When the install has completed select Activate

  7. The Flipdish plugin has been installed

Setting up the Flipdish ordering system

  1. Copy your Flipdish AppID. Your App ID can be found here

  2. Enter your Flipdish AppID in the Flipdish AppID field

  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select Save Changes

  4. Copy the shortcode by clicking on Copy Shortcode

  5. Navigate to the page in which you wish to add the ordering system

  6. Paste the code and select Update/Publish

  7. The ordering system is now live

Plugin customisations

The following section details what can be changed in the plugin and what effect it will have on the ordering system.

Light theme and dark theme

The Light theme has a white background and dark text, while the Dark theme has a dark background and white text.

Space above the basket

The number entered in this field represents the number of pixels the Basket is moved down by so that the header or navigation does not overlap the Basket.

Initial ordering system screen

The initial ordering system screen is changed to display the menu first. Once a user clicks on an item the ordering system reverts to the page which asks for delivery or collection.

This option enables the header and footer on the mobile version. By default the header and footer are not displayed on the mobile version to reduce conflicts which interfere with the ordering system. If this is enabled and the ordering system is not functioning correctly please try disabling it.

No header displayed (left) - Header and footer enabled (right)

Covid 19 store banner

This enables a contactless delivery popup notice on the website. There are options for the following markets: US, IE/UK, DE and ES

Adding Apple Pay

This enables Apple Pay on the website

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