Our reporting functionality allows you to drill down into your order data and gain actionable insights with ease. In this article, we'll talk about what this feature is capable of.

How to access Order Reporting

  1. Log in to the Flipdish Portal using your email and password

  2. Click the "Reports" button from the left hand menu

  3. Click "Orders"

Once on the Orders page, you can select a preset or custom time frame in the ‘Date Period’ section. You can also view all stores at once or toggle between them in the ‘Store’ dropdown.

Once your time frame and stores are selected, scroll down the page to the ‘Orders’ section and press ‘Download CSV’ at the top of the section.

This will send a CSV file to your email. Once downloaded and opened, this CSV gives an in depth breakdown of all of the orders within the chosen time period. This breakdown includes - Fees, refunds, tax, total amount etc.

*To access your Monthly Invoices, check out this article.

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