Once the embed system has been added to your website it is important to make it as accessible as possible while retaining the user experience.

Linking to the ordering system

Visitors should find it very easy to get to the ordering system once it has been added. Please find the main locations a link to the ordering system should be added below:

Flipdish will always add a link to the main navigation. This is the main section where visitors will navigate through the website and as such will look here to find the page they are looking for

2 - A button on the main image/slider

Ideally the first thing a visitor will see when visiting your website is a link to the ordering system. Visitors may not know that you offer ordering and it important to show this to them at first glance. It is also the quickest and easiest way to see a button and this makes it easier for visitors to go to the ordering system.

However, sometimes we come across websites and it is not possible to add a custom button here. In these cases we try to add one further down the page. If this is also not possible then we leave it with the link in the navigation.

Ensure the container of the ordering system is wide enough

The ordering system is designed to be responsive. This means that it will size itself differently on a desktop compared to a mobile device such as a mobile phone or tablet. This is determined by the width of the container the ordering system is placed in.

When the container is too small the ordering system will switch to the mobile version of the ordering system. This is why the container should always have a minimum width of 1000px.

How the ordering is displayed when the container is 1000px or wider:

In this case the ordering system is displayed correctly with the login button and basket to the right of the menu.

How the ordering system is displayed when the container width is below 1000px:

In this case the ordering system is not displayed correctly. The login button and the basket are at the bottom of the page resulting in poor usability.

When adding the ordering system please ensure its container is at least 1000px wide. Flipdish will always be happy to provide assistance if required.

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