Adding tax rates to your menu and menu items is easy in your Flipdish Portal.

1. From the navigation menu, click the "Menus" item, and then select the menu you'd like to manage tax rates for.


2. Select the menu you'd like to manage tax rates for

3. Select the "Menu Options" option to expand your menu options

4. Click "Manage tax rates"

5. Click "add tax rate". Note - the default is that the tax is included in the item's price. You should untick this if you need the tax to be excluded from the item's price, for example if your store operates in the United States or Canada.

If you untick this checkbox, then "Display tax at checkout" will become ticket by default, as your customers will need to know the full price they need to pay in the checkout flow.

6. Give your tax rate a name and a percentage value. Click Save.

7. On your menu items, you'll see a "tax %" dropdown appear. Click the dropdown and assign your new rate. Your change is saved automatically, and tax will be charged on that item in your customers' checkout flow on both mobile apps and web.

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