What is a POS or ePOS system?

To begin, let’s first define what a POS is. POS stands for point of sale and is also known as a Till system. The POS or ePOS is the software system used in the physical restaurant/store where it registers the orders and customer payments. The POS is where the checkout happens, orders are processed and bills are paid.

What is a Flipdish POS Integration?

The POS integration is a streamlined connection between Flipdish (online ordering system) and the Restaurant's POS software, with the aim of creating a more seamless and valuable experience for your staff and clients.

What does it do?

  • Brings and ingests all your online orders coming from your Flipdish apps, website and kiosk ordering solutions straight to your POS system.

  • Orders can be auto accepted and auto printed straight to the till or to the kitchen if desired.

  • Orders go straight to the POS, no manual entry required.

  • Includes your online sales and in-store reporting.

  • Transfers customer information to your POS system.

What are the benefits of Integrating Flipdish with your POS?

  • You have your in-store orders and online-orders together.

  • Increases your business efficiency, as orders come in quickly and can be processed faster.

  • You optimize your staff's time, as the orders are inserted directly into your ePOS and most of the time auto accepted.

  • You can have all your in-store and online-reports in one place (your POS portal).

  • Reduces mistakes by removing the chance for human error.

  • You can have a record of your online customers info in your POS, as most POS systems record the customer details.

  • Improves your business operations as you won't need more multiple devices/terminals to process orders.

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