Your Flipdish orders from Web, App or Kiosk should be sent to the Flipdish POS app that is running on your POS system. Once the order is received by the Flipdish POS app it should then be sent to your PixelPoint POS either immediately or later depending on how your integration has been set up.

In the unlikely event that orders do not get to your PixelPoint POS and/or they are auto-rejected, here are a few troubleshooting techniques you can try.

Please note for the below steps you will need a keyboard attached to your PixelPoint POS.

Connectivity and Flipdish POS app

In order to receive online orders, you will need to be connected to the internet and the Flipdish POS app needs to be running.

  • Connect your keyboard to your POS and press the "Windows" key + "D", this will minimize all folders and applications, and you will now see your desktop.

  • In the taskbar on the right please check if you are connected to the internet (red arrow on the right).

  • Check if the Flipdish POS app is running. In the taskbar, you should see a black and white Flipdish icon (red arrow on the left of the image below) and opening this should give you the screen as below.

If the Flipdish POS app is not running please open it by searching for "Flipdish POS" from the start menu.

There should be no errors on the Flipdish POS app.

  • When you go to the settings please make sure the "Enable PAR PixelPoint integration" checkbox is checked

  • Make sure the "Auto-Accept Orders" checkbox is unchecked.

  • When clicking on the "Test PixelPoint Integration" button a success message should pop up if it is working correctly (as seen below).

Errors on the Flipdish POS app

If changes have been made to your POS setup it might happen that some items we have set up specifically for the integration have been changed. The Flipdish POS app will show the errors and this will explain what is incorrectly set. Below are some of the most common errors, you might see.

Error: Flipdish cannot connect to the PAR PixelPoint POS system.

PixelPoint is reporting that it is not OK to submit orders.

PixelPoint is reporting that it is not OK to order at this date and time.

You can ignore this message. Your end of day has not been done and/or your new day has not been started. This message automatically disappears when you start your new day in PixelPoint.

Error: Flipdish cannot connect to the PAR PixelPoint POS System.

PixelPoint is not running. Please ensure that PixelPoint is running, and try again.

This error is displayed when your WebTill / EOI Licence is not running, in order to receive external transactions (online orders for example) your EOI license needs to be running. Normally this starts automatically when the system starts up. You can manually start this by opening this from the installation folder, your POS provider can tell you how to start this. EOI / WebTill screenshot below.

Error: Flipdish Cannot connect to the PAR PixelPoint POS system.

Flipdish cannot find a Coupon, Product, Sales type or Payment method

Changes have been made to the items specifically set up for the Flipdish <> PAR PixelPoint integration. Please refer to the setup guide that you can find here to resolve this error.

What if those steps didn't work?

If you have tried to resolve this, but you are still unable to receive Flipdish orders please email our support team at [email protected] and include the logs from the Flipdish POS app. You can access the logs folder by going into the settings and open the debug folder. You only have to share the latest logs with us called pos.txt and if the order did not go to the POS on another day, please share the file with the relevant date as well (pos-YYYYMMDD.txt).

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