What do you mean by tipping?

Tipping is the act of your customer donating an extra amount of money (usually a percentage of their bill) to you during the checkout process. This is usually to show their appreciation for the good or service you have provided them.

Also known as a gratuity.

Can customers tip when online ordering through the Flipdish system?

Yes but only if they pay with card. Tips are not available on orders paid with cash.

When your customer orders, they may have an option to leave a tip depending on whether this is enabled or disabled on your account.

How can I enable tipping?

You can enable tipping by going to your order settings on the Flipdish portal and clicking the toggle beside “accept tips online”.

Who exactly is this tip for? Is it for the shop or is it for the delivery driver?

100% of the tip gets sent to you in the weekly disbursements from Flipdish, so you are free to divvy this up between your staff as you please.

How much can a customer tip?

The pre-defined tipping amounts are percentage-based: 0%, 10%, 15%, 20%

A user can add a custom tip up to 100% of the order amount.

Can I disable tipping?

If you don't want your customers to be able to add tips, then we can disable tips. To do this, please go to your order settings on the Flipdish portal.

And then turn off tipping using the toggle

Can I customise the tip field to name it something other than “Tip”?

Not at the moment.

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