In your web-order embed DIV, add the property data-store-ids and include the StoreIds (comma seperated) of the Stores that you wish to be show on this webpage.

When data-store-ids is not included, all stores will be shown.

Usecase 1: Table-ordering

When offering table ordering to your customers they will usually reach the ordering page for the store directly via a QR code. There is no reason that you would want your customers to be able to navigate from this store to the ordering page / menu of a different store. You can use the system below to only display the single relevant store to your table ordering customers even though you may have many stores in your account.

Usecase 2: Food halls

Let's assume you run a chain of food halls, each of which contain multiple stores. You may want to have a seperate websites for each food hall and display only the stores for that foodhall on the website. You can use the system below to filter away stores from your other food halls and only display the stores for the foodhall your customer is in.

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